Tuesday, August 27, 2013


1. I liked how we had everyone made a new blog
2. I wonder why I had to make a new post because I already have a blog
3. My next step is to do more things on my blog

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Year of 2012/2013

This year has been great. It has been fun and all of my teachers this year were nice. We only have 2 more days of school left and until summer break. This year in the world there has been some very bad events in the world this year, like the sandy hook shootings and the tornado that hit oklahoma. The one good thing that is happening in oklahoma is that there are many people helping the people and raising money for those who lost there homes. There also has been the boston bombing. That was so horrible. I was so happy when they found the two victims and then caught them. But at the same time I was sad for the families that had someone die because of someone doing something stupid.

This year has been great, there has been many great songs and sports events this year like the NFL draft and the BCS championship between Noter Dame and Alabama, well obesely I wanted Noter Dame to win But all they had was a bad game. I bet if the play again it will be a way better mach up because some players from noter dame and alabama have gone to the NFL and that has made them both worse but better because there are going to be some new players for each team. There has been suddenly a bad thing for noter dame, thats because there young but star QB has been taken out of college because he cheated on a final exam.

This year has been great for me because, this year I  tried out for the Indiana chargers and I made it. We started practicing in last october and are season has gone great, we are 9-3 right now. we have been playing great we have been in 3 tournaments so far and they were in newton park, michigan, and Wisconsin. I haven't been playing very much because I got hurt but I be back in a couple weeks.
My favorite tv shows are sports nation ESPN and Duck dynasty. There has been some cool new basketball shoes and am going to get them in the summer.

 These shoes are both from 2013 on is nike and they are hyper dunks and the second on are 2013 basketball Adidas shoes. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blogging Challenge 9

Blogging Challenge 9
Game 1
Count out three

This is the first blog I visited in the game.

I liked this blog because I thought it was just very organized and cool. This blog also has all of the blogging challenges and there all organized. His blog is very fun and interactive.

This is the second blog I visited in the game.


I liked this blog because, well I don't really know why I pick this blog but this blog jut standed out to me for some reason.

This is the last but not least blog I visited in the game.


I really like this blog. it was very interactive and fun, it was very organized.

Friday, May 10, 2013

blogging challenge 8

Blogging challenge 8

1.) Playing baseball for the Indiana Chargers

The Indiana chargers is the baseball team for. I have so much fun playing for them. The chargers travel around the U.S and but its usually all kinda close to where we are located, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indianapolis. We are not the best team but its just really fun because I having been making new friends on the way.

2.) Going to florda

Going to Florida is so much fun, its fun because me and my family go there a lot and we alway go to Disney world. We also visit are family there. When we go to Disney world we always go on the fastest and scariest rides the, and that's what makes it so much fun, well also me spending a lt of time with my family.

3.) My favorite NBA player is Nate Robinson 


Nate Robinson Plays in the NBA. He has played for the Celtics, golden state warriors,  the knicks , and he is currently on the Chicago bulls. He is 5/10 and he can dunk a basketball. One time he was in the duck contest, and for his last dunk he jumped over Dwight Howard and he is 6/11 and Nate dunked the ball and won the 2011 dunk contest. 

4.) football

Football is one of my favorite sports and I have been playing it for a long time now. I have always played for the Plymouth Rockies. I started out in the pee wee league and then went to the upper league. Now I play for my Jr. high team, and then after that I will go to high school. 

5.)   Playing basketball


I haven't really played basketball for that long but I think I'm pretty good at it. I don't really play on a team or anything like that I just like to mess around and have fun, and maybe someday I'll play basketball on a team. I used to be on a team but they were really good and I felt like they didn't really need me on there team because I just never played, so now I just mess around with friends and focus on the other sports I like and play more often.

6.)  I like to watch the little league world series

The little league world series is a baseball tournament that is always in a different destination, and It has a whole bunch of teams around the world that qualified for this tournament and they play for the title to win the world series. The age for this is from 10 years of age and 13 years of age, but most of the players out there are 13 because the pitchers that throw, throw very hard for there age and it very hard to hit the ball when it is going so fast.


7.)  Go Kart Racing

I have go kart raced since I was 9 years old and it is really fun. One of the reasons I like it is that it makes me sometimes make new friends. I race for trophies and money and I race 10 to 16 year olds and I don't really care if I win because I really do it for the fun of it, but I'm not saying I have't won any and I have but it's really just for fun.


8.) I love tubing

Tubing Is so much fun. If you don't know what tubing is then I'll tell you, tubing is when you get an inner tube that can go in the water and float, and then you get a rope and tie the ope to the tube and then tie the other end to a speed boat and then turn the boat on get in the tube and go and if you go really fast its way more fun because you have to try to stay on as long as you can or you could just fall off.


9.) I really like going to amusement parks

Going to amusement parks is so much fun. thats because you get to go and ride roller coasters. Roller coasters are so much fun and they are more fun when theres a new one and you haven't tried it yet and it looks scary.  What I have learned from riding so many roller coasters is that don't just not go on one because it looks scary or to fast or too tall because at the end of the ride most of the time you will not regret that you rode the ride.


10.) I really like going to a water park on a hot day

It is so much fun going to a water park and riding all of the slides. It is even more refreshing when it is hot outside. It is always bad if it starts raining when you are at a water park. Thats because if theres rain theres most likely to be thunder and if theres thunder then theres most likely going to be lightning. 2 of my favorite kind of slides are the ones were you get really wet ad the one that almost goes straight down. I also really like the wave pool. If you don't know what a wave pool is then I will tell you. A wave pool is a pool that has a lot a vibration in it so it can make waves.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Link to a blog I made


Blogging Challenge 6

Blogging Challenge 6
Digital footprints 
Activity 2 "search yourself on google"

If someone googled me then they would see me on Facebook and Twitter. You would also see my blog I made which I am posting on right know. It will also bring up a Prezi that I made. If you don't know what a Prezi is then I will tell you, what a prezi is, is a site where you can do some kind f a presentation. If you go to the second page when you search me it will bring up something called the DRUDGE report.  The drudge report is a news aggregation website. Run by Matt drudge with Joseph curl and Charles hurt. The website consists of links to stories from the united states and international mainstream media about politics, entertainment, and current events as well as links to many columnist. Its viewpoints are often considered.  

Sunday, April 14, 2013